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  • Working with Paul to develop long-acting injectable formulations has been an immensely helpful experience for us. Not only is he highly technically competent, but he is also incredibly easy to work with. His wealth of knowledge allows him to quickly understand any challenges we encounter and provide different methods to solve them in a timely manner. We greatly appreciate how he supports his suggestions with relevant documentation from the FDA, literature, or other credible sources, giving us valuable insights.

    What sets Paul apart is his dedication to our project. He ensures that our discussions are not just one-time conversations but comprehensive follow-ups. In every call, he consistently provides more details and iterates with us on any new insights we have gained.

    Furthermore, Paul’s expertise goes beyond the science of formulation. He is well-versed in the intricacies of suppliers/vendors, as well as regulatory and quality control aspects.

    He is an invaluable partner to us.

    Dr Karthik Raman


    Persist AI, Woodland, CA, USA

  • It has been fantastic working with Paul over the last 18 months. His experience and depth of knowledge has been extremely valuable to BioCorteX. Of particular value have been his guidance on formulation approaches, manufacturing process development and selection and engagement with contract manufacturers. Paul quickly grasped our approach and helped tremendously in developing our product.”

    Dr Nik Sharma


    BioCorteX Ltd, London, UK

  • Paul has brought a wealth of knowledge across pharmaceutical formulation development, analytical chemistry and manufacturing science. He has a positive, problem solving and professional manner that, combined with his industry knowledge, has provided Innoture with valuable support during internal and client facing drug development activities. His collaborative and friendly approach considers how Innoture is organised and our aims for the company, whilst also being keen to get his hands dirty with the technical team or preparing well-presented documents. In addition to his CMC expertise, he has provided efficient and effective guidance of Innoture’s intellectual property activities, including IP identification, patent filings, IP strategy coordination with patent attorneys and FTO.

    Ken Jones


    Innoture Ltd

  • I would highly recommend Paul as a consultant; he has an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry across a broad range of areas. Paul is proactive and works with clients to understand their objectives, he helped us to initiate a structured plan on how to enter the pharmaceutical sector and build a sustainable business model.

    Ruth Mayes

    Director Global Business Strategy

    Computomics GmbH, Tübingen, Germany

  • Drawing on Paul’s track record of taking innovative processes from benchtop to GMP, we were delighted to work with him in preparing our technology for scale up. Paul understood our technology quickly, and provided us with a thorough analysis, relevant and practical advice and tangible output that was tailored to our needs as a small, but rapidly growing company

    Dr Fran Crawford


    SomaServe Ltd, Cambridge, UK

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