About 3D Pharma Consulting Ltd

3D Pharma Consulting supports spin-outs, start-ups and small-medium life sciences companies through part or all of the drug development process. We work together with your in-house team to design and implement a programme that delivers the technical outputs and business goals that are essential to you and your stakeholders. We are experts in drug delivery technologies, with many years of experience in technologies that facilitate or improve the biodelivery and biodistribution of therapeutics. 3D Pharma Consulting has expert knowledge of controlled release, targeted delivery and local delivery technologies and familiarity with a broad range of routes of administration, dosage forms and drug products we work to maximise the potential of your future product. 

With a focus on CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and control) and formulation development, we support the technical, operational, quality and regulatory elements required for the development of small molecule and biological drugs and work with you to ensure all parts of your development programme are aligned, effective and robust. Tailoring the support to provide the services you require, from hands-on integration with your technical team, to technology appraisal, strategy and due diligence.

3D Pharma Consulting have many years of experience in early formulation development, preclinical development, analytical development and working with CROs and CDMOs across the UK, Europe and RoW. We are excited to work with new pharmaceutical innovations and the refinement or repurposing of technologies, and want to help you to develop your product and/or platform in a way that gets the most from your technology and maximises your asset.

Why Choose 3D Pharma Consulting Ltd

  • Integrated expertise tailored to your needs
  • Drug delivery and formulation expertise
  • Technical, Quality and regulatory support
  • Protect and grow your intellectual property
  • Honest, pragmatic, stage-appropriate insights
  • Friendly, supportive advice

Get To Know The 3D Pharma Consulting Ltd Team

Dr Paul Seaman


Paul is an experienced, UK-based pharmaceutical research and development professional who has worked in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries since 2001.…

What Our Clients Think

Drawing on Paul’s track record of taking innovative processes from benchtop to GMP, we were delighted to work with him in preparing our technology for scale up. Paul understood our technology quickly, and provided us with a thorough analysis, relevant and practical advice and tangible output that was tailored to our needs as a small, but rapidly growing company

Dr Fran Crawford

CEO | SomaServe Ltd, Cambridge, UK

I would highly recommend Paul as a consultant; he has an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry across a broad range of areas. Paul is proactive and works with clients to understand their objectives, he helped us to initiate a structured plan on how to enter the pharmaceutical sector and build a sustainable business model.

Ruth Mayes

Director Global Business Strategy | Computomics GmbH, Tübingen, Germany

Paul has brought a wealth of knowledge across pharmaceutical formulation development, analytical chemistry and manufacturing science. He has a positive, problem solving and professional manner that, combined with his industry knowledge, has provided Innoture with valuable support during internal and client facing drug development activities. His collaborative and friendly approach considers how Innoture is organised and our aims for the company, whilst also being keen to get his hands dirty w...

Ken Jones

CEO | Innoture Ltd

Working with Paul to develop long-acting injectable formulations has been an immensely helpful experience for us. Not only is he highly technically competent, but he is also incredibly easy to work with. His wealth of knowledge allows him to quickly understand any challenges we encounter and provide different methods to solve them in a timely manner. We greatly appreciate how he supports his suggestions with relevant documentation from the FDA, literature, or other credible sources, giving us...

Dr Karthik Raman

CEO | Persist AI, Woodland, CA, USA

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